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I know that dental treatment can cause discomfort or fear of feeling pain. In addition to treating the health of the mouth, I prioritize the privacy and peace of mind of my patients. Punctuality is also very important to me, as well as a comfortable time for us to work without rushing. As a result, I book long appointments with buffers to ensure I do not run late or have to rush through an exam or treatment. 



Dentistry increasingly offers technological tools for the benefit of patients. I have invested in state of the art technologies to ensure the highest quality of advanced care. For example, I use a therapeutic laser, an advanced equipment with analgesic and anti-inflammatory functions. It helps, for example, in the treatment of tooth hypersensitivity or postoperative pain. In addition to the laser, I use the intraoral camera in the “Prevention” phase, to illustrate the problems and indicate the necessary care, strengthening engagement and commitment to treatment.

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